Ranger  has entered a strategic partnership with MJJ Biotechnologies, and is now exclusive research partner to MJJ. For collaboration on Blockmir Development please contact MJJ Biotechnologies or send a request through and we will make sure your request is forwarded to MJJ Biotechnologies.

Collaborators, past and present.

MJJ Biotechnologies, Guangdong, PRC

SERVIER – Independent International Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Professor Jenny Gamble, Centenary Institute Sydney Australia

Professor Ruben Artero, Translational Genomics Group and Interdisciplinary Research Structure for Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Incliva Health Research Institute, Valencia Spain

Professor Blagoy Blagoev, Biomedical Mass Spectrometry and Systems Biology Section , BMB, University of Sourthern Denmark

Professor Jesper Wengel, Nucleic Acid Research Center, University of Southern Denmark

Professor Stanley Lemon, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dr. Issam Awad, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois






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